Download All Photos From Flickr

After the Flickr changing uploader is only for a pro account, I decided to move to the google photos. However, it’s not easy to get the original file size. I found, bulkr but I feel like it’s expensive and not worth it for only download all photos.

So, I decided to rewrite myself. I wrote the script and you can get the script in GitHub.

First, we need to get oAuth Token and Secret. So, to get these two, you need to run on the browser. After got these two, just update at download.php. After that, run php download.php. It will download all the photos. I don’t want a screenshot and only a photo. So, I use content_type=6. If you want all, just remove that one.

I have over 55 GB on Flickr and it took over 24 hours to download for getting back all original photos for me.

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